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Automatic Wallpaper Changer ©

With Wallpaper downloader you can keep your desktop always fresh with daily new wallpapers that are changed automatically.
Just choose your favourite wallpapers categories and 'Automatic Wallpapers Changer' © will keep downloading new wallpapers for you every day.

Automatic Wallpapers Changers © has much more features:

Automatic Wallpapers Changer Screenshot
  • Compatible with windows 2000, XP, Vista and Windows 7. And completely safe to install.
  • The software size is very small and easy to install.
  • You can customize it to download wallpapers at random or according your preferences.
  • You can specify the schedule of wallpaper changes (Default is daily).
  • You can choose the style you like for your wallpaper if centered,tiled or stretched.
  • It'll automatically download wallpapers adjusted to your screen resolution or you can set your preferred screen resolution.
  • You can choose to get revelant wallpapers on holidays.
  • You can specify set your birthday and wedding day and Automatic wallpaper Changer will download revelant wallpapers for you on that day.
  • It is completely FREE and easy to use.

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